Sadness is not getting to Excel ......


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Aug 16, 2003
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Although I was planning to go and really looking forward to it, I now find I am unable to get to Excel because of family things.

Just to ease my disappointment can anyone give me an idea of any forthcoming shows etc' that could give me something to look forward to?

Dee in Somerset :(
British Beauty has lots of nail goodies and it was in February this year (I think!!). I heard there is a Nails roadshow in Bristol towards the end of the year - anyone know if this is right?

I'm really sad too cos I can't get to Excel :( Would have loved to have gone but a bit short of cashflow at the moment.

However, there is a beauty/nails show on at the Gmex in Manchester 12th/13th October and I've heard that all of the main suppliers will be there. Not sure if there's a competition though.

That gives me about five weeks to beg/steal/borrow some cash so that I can buy lots of lovely nail goodies :D

If you can get there would love to meet you.

Yay! Go to the GMEX one in Manchester! 8) I can't get to London either so this is the next one. And Mrs Geek says that it will be worth while, I was hoping Gigi would be there so I could say hello, but I don't think she will be.

Send me a P/M if you are going and what you will be wearing and I will say Hi! :D
GMEX is a great show and there is always a competition.

Not quite so Huge as Olympia and Excel, but 'nailwise' all the suppliers should be there as usual, so it is just as good if not better. We have to look after our northern technicians!!! And we are of course from the north ourselves ... so you won't be missing out on anything.

I will not be at GMEX, but on Monday 20th of October, I will be at DesignerNails in Leeds for an open evening of demonstrations and food and fun held in the One Stop Nail Shop. PLEASE come along and I would love to see you there. We will be doing all sorts of stuff.
:D Denise was telling me when I went to do some shopping. I have it booked in my diary and I am definatley going to be there, I can't wait. She said that there is a lot of interest though as well so it will probably be packed.

I am also going to try and get to the other show days, it should be fun. :D
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