Sallys replied, what a joke! Need advice?


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Apr 9, 2012
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Dear Samantha,

Thank you for your recent email regarding the ASP Training Course you attended in Cosham on the 5th, 6th 19th and 20th March.
Apologies for the time we have taken to fully respond to your complaint, however we wanted to get all the facts together from all parties before replying.

We have now investigated your concerns with the Course Provider, the ASP National Training Manager, the Guild of Beauty Therapists and Habia.

Firstly, we would like to reassure you and confirm that the above course is accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists (See attached the document from the Guild confirming this).
Additionally the Guild is nationally recognised by Habia (Habia is the government appointed sector skills body and industry authority for hair, beauty, nails, spa therapy, barbering and African type hair).

Habia have advised that any student will be able to get insurance through The Guild of Beauty Therapists or through BABTAC (British Association of Beauty, Therapy and Cosmetology) which also recognises this particular guild.
The insurance does allow you to practice professionally as a Nail Technician on the general public, either at home, as a mobile or within a salon.

The website link below contains more information about Habia:

The website link below contains more information about BABTAC:

We would also like to confirm that all our ASP courses count towards CPD points (Continuing Professional Development) and are a recognised qualification within the industry.
This will assist you to identify the skills and knowledge needed to further enhance your future career. The course you attended carries 38 CPD points.

With regards to the negative comments about the Tutor reading from the Manual, we were surprised to read these comments, given that the feedback form that was completed after the course was positive about the Tutor. With regards to the negative comments about the Tutor reading from the Manual; Trainers do not read from the manual as the contents of the manual needs to covered by the students at home.

The Tutor is expected to go through their own relevant experiences and constantly check the students understanding, this is an essential part of the course as the trainer needs to take all students through the “Nail Prep” which is 12 pages long. This is to make sure the course is viable for students to attend without a Manicure qualification, this would also cover Health and Safety information.

Once satisfied that this has been covered then the Trainer will proceed with the practical module of the training.
The training company is confident that the Trainer has done her job correctly and this is shown from the feedback that was received from all students on the course.

Regarding your point about having purchased products not branded ASP, if you still have the receipt and the products are unopened, we will be happy to refund the price you paid.

Finally, regarding the original certificate you were sent, we have been informed by ASP that they have already sent you a revised new certificate that is replacing the old one you were sent.

We hope the above information has addressed all your concerns.

Kinds Regards

So what on earth am I ment to reply with that I have no idea what these 38 cd points or something is. My certificate has not been amended in a correct way it's just got diploma added to it randomly and is on white flimsy paper I feel like that email and waiting all this time for that responce is stupid! Obviously I'm going to have used the items hence buying them for the day I still have no nationally recognised qualification????

Huffff help???
Oh I don't know!
Really sorry. Maybe someone more clued up on this sort of thing will help.
Didn't want to read and run.

P.s. This is no help, but I moved from Gosport in January! Lol.
I would march down to that training centre and ask them what the hell they're playing at!

I would also state that the tutor was clearly not good else you AS A STUDENT would not have a complaint and the forms mean nothing as the tutor was standing right there?!

I would contact habia and trading standards to carry out secret investigations into this and explain your situation.

Finally, tell this loony on the other end of the email that if she doesn't give you money back for the course and a sincere apology for letting you down, you will be taking matters further. And tell her that blinking certificate is c**p and until you get a hallmark (if that's the word) on it you will be very cross. A good line I like to use when a company does me wrong: I did not expect such disappointment from a company with such a high status such as yourselves.

I hope that helps a little...x
That's a really unprofessional response - 'with regards to your negative comments'! It's nice they pointed out what the tutor should be doing rather then take your word that they didn't do it! Is there anyway that take your complaint higher? I wouldn't accept that as a response!
It says in regards to the tutor reading through the manual the tutor is not ment to read through the manual and that I'm ment to at home which i did but my complaint was that all the tutor did WAS read from the manual!!
So fuming! X
How did you pay for the course? If you used credit card, get your credit card company involved too, they can do a chargeback to get your money back for not receiving the full service/ products. The course provider will also get a lovely charge for the convienience :)
Can't you get the ombudsman involved? Is that relevant for courses? I'm gonna hunt down Botox Boy, he's the king of complaints! X

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