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Apr 3, 2006
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Hi Geeks,

I started renting a room above a hair salon in August, was really exited and spent loads of money kitting it out. Well the guy that runs the salon is nice and does try and promote me but his clientele are all nearly over 60, and dont want nail enhancementsor waxing.

Over the road is a big salon and there is one just up the road, because of this i am getting no new clients at all and am not even making my rent each week. I have clients that i do mobile because they cant get the shop.

I am completely gutted and am thinking about giving in my notice on Monday and closing, and my hubby is like "well never mind". has anyone got any advice about what i should do. Should i stick it out or just go mobile?
maybe you could try running a promotion? or a big leaflet drop? i set up my business (its not in nails) in sept last year and im still not getting regular customers its really hard work but stick it out it'll be worth it in the end! xxx
Big leaflet drop, if there is a free newspaper see if you can get your leaflets delivered with it. August is also a slack time in the business, everyone on holiday then they come back and the credit card needs paying, this is the start of party season and if I look at my books for last year I made more money in November December and Jan then I did for the eight months before.
Also see if you can get a nice big advert on the window of the salon, I found that all I needed to attract attention was to change the colour of the add. Once I did that it stood out from the rest of what was in the window and loads of peeps suddenly started coming in and saying how long have you been here:irked: only six months:rolleyes:
Somewhere on here is a bril thread on promoting your business that Sassy Hassy wrote. You need to read it, in fact I would go so far as to say that all geeks need to read it, it gives you fresh ideas, something we all need from time to time.
Also if you do any sort of business management workshop they will tell you that you can expect to run at a loss in the first year and possibly the second and break even in the third only in the fourth year should you be looking to make a profit and that your business plan should reflect that.
Good luck hun and my advise is hang in there:hug:

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