Salon design


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Hi All :)

I am soon to open my waxing salon, however I have a fairly small room. I don’t want full work tops because they will take up too much room. But I still want to create as much storage space as possible. Also needs to be something I can get a small sink fitted into.
Any ideas?


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You can get slim sitting kitchen units and have them arranged as you want - maybe a floor to ceiling cupboard in one corner. This could give you adequate storage without using up all the floor space.

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I use an Ikea kallax, one box for each treatment and the top 2 for towels/retail and retail/blankets on top. I thought about having shelves on the wall but with this I can move it anytime as it’s not heavy and change the room around (I like to keep things fresh I’m always moving furniture). You can get castors on them so they are easy to roll but they do move quite well anyway.