Salon location. Is it really really important?


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Jan 27, 2009
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Hey Geeks I've got my own salon upstairs on a busy main road but i keep finding no one knows im here. Well not no one cause i have alot of clients already but i find i get no walk ins with me being hidden upstairs.

Is the location of your salon immensly important? or can you get people to know your there other ways?

How can I get people to know im here? x
Have you got an a board outside for passer bys to see? Obviously check with the council etc what you are allowed to put out, but might help, if you don't already have one
yes its important. How will people know to come to you if they don't know you exist?

Get an A Board out the front, take all your flyers to each of the shops along your streetand offer the managers/owners a free tan (so they love you and pass on the good word of where you are and how great you are!!)

If you are above a shop, it would be good to put on your flyers

"nikkis beauty, 123 whatever street (above bob's butchers)"

so they know EXACTLY where you are.


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