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Apr 8, 2011
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I have done a search a found some really useful info about what to include in my opening but I really just want to know people opinions on the best night to open? Is a Saturday good, or a week night? I've got myself all in a pickle over what night is likely to have more attendence.
Hi when i did mine i did the day time 10 - 6 it was a long day, i did invites and rewards for bringing a friend..demos throughout the day. I took bookings during the day telling them they would get 20% off first treatment if they booked in the day. I did this on a tuesday which helped as people came back in during the week to talk etc.
I did a ladies night later in the year with facial demo wine etc and tempting offers to get them in. I did this on wednesday and it was busy.
So good luck lets us know what you decide and how it goes
Susan x

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A a trainer and sales consultant I have helped clients with opening nights and have found that Thursday evening seem to work well. Also offering nibbles wine etc helps, maybe ask some of your suppliers if they can help you or give you some discount on products that way you could put some special offers on too. Good Luck!!

Leela Jackson
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