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Jul 17, 2003
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firstly had a great time at excel - every bone and muscle in my body hurts from all the walking and carrying. the first one l see is Sam (cute)well chuffed that he is doing a demo (is the lady who nearly fainted ok?) wow what an effect on people eh! HE HE HA sorry back to the point. l was trained never to get the nail wet or put any cream etc onto the natural nail prior to tip and overlays, you used cuticle remover and a funky little tool (that l bought) then before applying the tip you removed all the well (did you?) l was well impressed, very funny man who knows his nails. and the blending process seemed really quick i liked the idea of using the remover that way you know all is off! i missed the demo of the sculptured nail which really peed me off so can anyone advise me on how to apply the forms without the gap under the free edge. i get there eventually but wanna get there quicker. nearly finished, why do you have to wait a year before doing a conversion? thanks. you weren't as old as l expected (complement) Theresa
To answer one of your questions at least ...

The reason for the wait of one year before Conversion is that we need to know that a technician has some work experience before we let him/her train and use our products. Particularly if they have trained with another line whose certificate we may not think is complete enough.

Otherwise people could do a one day cheapie course ... then just convert to Creative ... and really not know anything at all!! And our Product and our reputation would suffer for it. We are very proud of our hard earned reputation and will not let inexperienced technicians drag it down.

Our trained-professional-customers are also very proud to use our brand and have worked hard to learn and become skilled and we would be letting them, and their hard work, down also if we let every tom dick and harry use the line without any experience. They know it is special to be considered a Creative technician and we will not compromise them. I hope this answers your question.
hello geeg,
could you give a bit more info on the cheapie course please, i thought i would have to wait a year before i could do a conversion but if there is another way i would LOVE :D to know.
i have done a basic 4 day course, had experience in a salon, and i am starting college next week to do the vtct`s in mani/pedi and nail enhancements.
i re-read the post and got it all wrong :huh:

i got all over excited thinking there was another way i could start with creative, oh well will have to stick it out until next year :(
Im going to need a bigger monitor to compensate for hat size you have just dramatically increased :oops:

Thanks for your nice compliments...
The fainting woman was fine... She was just too hot and there was too much of a crowd (happens at least once every show).
I remove any contact area of the tip that isn't needed for application.(As you have rightly pointed out) It makes blending a snap.
You can check out sculpting by reading the tutorials section on the site.
As for the Conversion... I think Gigi hit the nail on the head. Depending on the certificate, some have to wait to gain work experience to prevent people working unsafe or untrained with the system. The conversion only teaches how to work safely with our system and techniques... it isn't designed to teach you the foundation.

Thanks again for your comments... next time make sure you shout 'Hey sam... I'm a freaking geek' so I can put names and faces together. ;)
shropshiredawn said:
i have done a basic 4 day course, had experience in a salon, and i am starting college next week to do the vtct`s in mani/pedi and nail enhancements.

You would certainly be eligible to do the Creative conversion course without waiting for one year if you have gained your NVQ or VTCT qualification. Creative certainly recognise those credentials!! So no worries.
You can check out sculpting by reading the tutorials section[/url] on the site. :thumbsup:
Big thanks for the above, l have never rolled the forms before and that helped but l have the flimsy stupid small horseshoe forms that are like may bugs and stick eveywhere but. so l was having a thinking moment (happens now and again) and l stuck one form onto another form so it elongated it and made it easier to place, and it didn't take me an hour of rude language to get it there ,no gap, and the surface was smooth and my c-curve was tremendous, although my excitement scared my neighbors - they now know l was wearing forms and not pretending to be 'freddie kruger' thanks again Sam. Trese
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