Santa Geek Pm's Have Left The Building


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Oct 17, 2005
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone!!

All of the pm's have been sent.
AND LET ME TELL YOU, if I EVER see this message again

This forum requires that you wait 30 seconds between sending private messages. Please try again in 18 seconds

I will jump up and down and smash the living daylights out of my computer. NOTHING sucks worse than typing too fast for the system when it's 12am and the alarm clock will ring at 6am, and you still have 25 or so pm's to send:!::grr:

BUT it's all done, and you should all have your assignments.:green:

So, if you have not received one, please let me know:!:

My computer has a 'problem' :irked: :evil: @%^&* and I'll be dropping it off to be fixed tomorrow afternoon and I will not have it for a minimum of 24hrs.
In other words, I will not have a computer before Wednesday afternoon MY time and you're 5hrs ahead of me.

As soon as I'm back online I WILL sort out any issues no problem, ok???

Tomorrow morning, I will NOT be checking my messages.
I will be backing up my files before this lump of junk heads to the PC-doctor to fix it. (it's over-heating, guess I'm working the damn thing too hard LOL)

So wish my computer luck and cross your fingers that I'm not without a pc longer than 24hrs or I promise, I WILL go psycho


Try not to miss me - the Santa Geek Evil Elf - too much and play nice while I'm gone.


AND PRETTY PLEASE, USE POSTAL INSURANCE; it costs only pennies, and it's well worth it. If it's affordable, register the parcel so it's traceable.
AND PLEASE SEND YOUR PARCEL ASAP, so as to avoid the xmas post office rush
AND PLEASE include your USER NAME on the parcel, so your geek knows WHO to thank.

thank you:green:

ok, the evil elf has officially left the building:lol:
Not too sure if should reply to this.....!
But I have my assignment and can't wait to get shopping!! :)
Thanks Victoria for all of your hard work.
Me too.... shop shop shop....
Not too sure if should reply to this.....!
But I have my assignment and can't wait to get shopping!! :)
Thanks Victoria for all of your hard work.

That sounds more James Bond than secret santa :lol:

Me too,thankyou for taking the time to do this again V :hug:
Thanks Victoria for doing a fantastic job again this year.
I have bought my pressie already and just need to get it off in the post - yay me!!:lol:
Thanks everyone!

I've managed to squeeze in a quick morning coffee-break while wee midget gets dressed for school, and etc....

When I get back, I'll start my file back-ups, and check periodically, but don't know what time or for how long, depends on how long it takes me to back up my files, and there are TONNES:eek::irked:

I'm crossing my fingers that I didn't get any slip-ups and that all the pm's went well.

Happy shopping and DON'T OVERSPEND, it's the thought, NOT the cost:hug: (plus shipping is sometimes a #$%^&* you-know-what LOL). The smaller/daintier etc, a gift is, the easier and more cost-effective to ship.:green:

Ok, it's official. I'm going offline now.
Try not to miss me too much.

Just another geek saying thanks V!! I cant wait to post my item out either! Im sure my geek will love it! :green::green::green:

Ooooohhh, its quite exciting!!:lol:
what are the ss rules? ie is there spending limit?
think its a fiver...??
There is no set limit like last year - people complained

HOWEVER, I strongly advise that you keep it to a minimum,considering the cost of shipping in some cases.
ALSO it's about fun, so silly trinkets are the point of it.

Those on a budget don't want their gifts 'shamed' by those with a limitless budget, so let's keep it simple please


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