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Oct 23, 2012
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I have been asked recently to do a lot of scalp bleach. Which I am not it that confident with.
Is there anyway of skin testing and any tips you can give me in application.
I think my main concerns are irritating there scalp and having some sort of reaction and also a patchy application.
Thanks in advance x
Blondor cream is really gentle on the scalp. Designed to use on scalp X
You don't tend to skin test for bleach really, some people are more irritated by it than others tho. If your using a toner you will need to skin test that. Application is best done with the simple hot cross bun sectioning, I personally do the back first then the front & the hairline last. After 5 mins processing go back through in the opposite direction to the application and touch up any darker areas then it won't be patchy :)
If you're lacking confidence, I would stick to short hair only.....:cool:
Use the method as mentioned above, and all will be good!
Problems arise when dealing with hair that is will have 'history', that the client will not always disclose!:oops:
If in doubt - very least, take a strand test!:p
From being an on scalp bleacher I would also say to the client not to wash her hair on the day she's having it done, either day before or couple of days before. I find with myself i feel it more and I'd never do it again put it that way
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I would patch test lighteners, many people are allergic to them.
One of the most gentle on the scalp lighteners is Logics Light Reactions + the Gel Lightener, you mix them together with 20vol., you use up to 3 scoops of the Light Reactions in the formula to make the strongest lightener. It has 9 different conditioners in it.
I'd recommend you add Olaplex to any product you use for added protection.

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