Scissor crazy hairdressers!


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Nov 10, 2009
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Sorry if I appear rude but i'm so mad! One asks for a little off your hair and some hairdressers translate this to 3inches!!! This has happened twice to me and never again. If i ask for a little it means - not that much that it would be noticed!! Just wondered why many hairdressers do this? You may think it's healthy for our hair but let us clients decide. Maybe you can think about this the next time someone says "only a little" then they won't have to wait months for it to grow back again. If this saves just one person from the scissor crazy hairdresser then my winge is worth it.
Maybe your ranting in the wrong place?
Did you rant at the hairdresser in question??
I don't, if you ask for a little off I will ask specifically how much you mean , show the client visually so we all agree on much a half inch is, then proceed. 7 out of 10 times I complete the cut and the client says , oh a bit more I think!!:smack:
Me too, I don't get scissor happy . I always ask how much and if I don't think it's enough , I say it's entirely up to you ( the client ) I can only advise .. You must gain clients confidence before you start chopping more off ..
Maybe you could specify to the hairdresser "just about half an inch, an inch" rather than "a little".
I always show them exactly how much length I am taking off to make sure we are thinking the same thing. I know people get a bit worried sometimes so I like to reassure them.x
I quite often get newish clients that come back and say "could you take a bit more please!"
Once weve established a client/stylist relationship and i know what the clients half an inch is compared to mine its fine,but id much rather they need more off than take too much :D
After a few dodgy experiences when we first came over here (training standards are different and a lot shorter than back home) I had trouble finding a decent hairdresser.

So after being well overdue a cut and color I went to the local salon and told the hairdresser I had a poor cut and color last time I was in here and won't be happy if the same thing happened again. It was a different hairdresser who had done it originally and had left by then, no surprise to me. She even cocked up my husbands crew cut and he still occasionally mentions how **** she was.

So, that day the new stylist told me I would be happy. I was and still am some 6 years on. I actually have hairdressers on my team at the spa but I won't change her.

I am very detailed in what I want and although she is always trying to get me to do something different I won't yet but one day I will but we have a great relationship.

A good hairdresser is for life not just for Christmas so tell them exactly what you want not broadly what you want!

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