Scrappy Gel Nails after 1-2 weeks


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Apr 8, 2007
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Hi All

As you will see i have only been nail extensions for a couple of months and keep coming up against problems, which i am sure ( I HOPE) is normal. Anyhow i have noticed my gel nails in my opinion look scrappy on some clients nr the cuticle area after 1-2 weeks. I def put on bonder and leave gap nr cuticle and the same with gel but they seem to look sort of bitty crumbly i cant decribe it after 1 - 2 weeks. The last week i tried some new tips by the Edge Active tips and they split up the length of the nail if it was the width i would say i wasnt putting enough gel on c curve but this was length wise. All these problems get me down and make me question why i am doing nails even though i enjoy it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :biggrin:
jane , you're having a lot of problems, you must be getting a bit discouraged.

can you tell us where you did your training for gel ?
I did all the training at Capital with Salon Systems using there products but i wasnt that keen so i started using Alan Roy gel as this was recommended by my nail tech who has been using it for about 7 years
WHat do you mean by look scrappy?
trouble is, with each brand of product, there comes differences in the application.

i would say that you may not be prepping the nails very well, we have a tutorial on this site that goes through a thorough prep proceedure. i think you'll find it under the navigation section ?

its really difficult to pinpoint accurately the causes of your difficulties without seeing your proceedures. perhaps you could contact your trainer and sit in on a further training session to refresh your techniques a little. we often dont absorb all the new information on the initial training course.
It's such a shame you have done all your training with a product line which it has turned out you don't like.

I have used Alan Roy gel in my much earlier nail days (about3 years ago) and I didn't find it particularly good. Only OK on clients whose nails were so strong they barely needed a gel overlay anyway. JMHO. hth x
when i say scrappy right nr the cuticle area the gel has sort of crumbled cant think of a word to describe it. But also at the base of the tip at the sides where the white ends the gel has sort of grooved in and then out again to meet the clear gel. but i def filed it all nice and neat when i had done them. I am wondering about the cuticle area if i have put the gel too think there and theat is why it is either crumbling or peeling up???
Probably down to prep by the sound of it, at least by the cuticles/sidewalls.

And with regard to the prob where the white ends as you say, I would guess at an insufficient apex being built up to re-inforce the stress area.

I would guess you're using white tips. Have a go with a natural tip and create your white using white gel and I think this might help.
Hi Blossom

No i am using clear tips with white gel and then clear gel over that, the area that i am talking about is at the sides of the tip where the white gel ends it sort of nicks in and then the clear gel is in line with the someone has made a small triangle nick out of the sides???

also i have just been reading somthing about snitizer, i do spray sanitiser over the tips when i have buffed them down and i think maybe this may have soemthing to do with my probs, i was using nail blender but decided not to sue that any more as thought maybe this was affecting them, any ideas??
There is no need to spray sanitiser over nails, scrubfresh the natural nail dont get it on the tips as they might crack or become weaker!
You should get your client to wash their hands prior to a treatment and then use a hand sanitiser like Cool Blue that the client can rub into their hands!

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