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Alex Fox

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May 6, 2003
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Cambridge & Doha
Hello Geeks & Geekettes

I am looking for any techs/manicurists that service sports people.

Do you groom a swimmer, a jockey, footballer, tennis player?

I am interested in any sport at all!

Also - calling all nail artists!

Does anyone out there fancy a nail art challenge? I'd rather not give it away - so please email me directly if you fancy taking part in Scratch's August issue. I am looking for detailed, skilled nail artistry.

I look forward to hearing from you

please feel free to private message or email me on [email protected]

or call me on 01763 261 091

best wishes

Alex Fox

:green: :cool: :) :p
Sounds great Alex,

Well be interested to see what other techs submit
Hi Alex, hows the kiddies?

You know me, the mention of nail art and im wide eyed!

Please PM me if there is anything i can offer. xxxxxxxxx
Hiya Rachel

It's good to hear from you

Mine are very well indeed and becoming much easier to handle as they grow!!!!!

How are your little darlings???? Driving you mad I'm sure!

I have closed this particular challenge as I have shot all the entries for the August issue and will be designing it tomnorrow.

I will bear you in mind next time and and call you with my idea

lots of love ALexxxxxxxxxxxxx :green:
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