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Jul 7, 2010
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Can anyone give me tips on how to do sculptured acrylics using forms? I trained two years ago and have just started up again after only really doing the odd friend and family and I have a customer who wants sculptured but i struggle to form the tip and do the smile line all at the same time - it dries before i get chance to shape it - HELP xx
Is it possible for you to do a 1 to 1 with a trainer to help with the form fitting and any other new tweaks which may have happened in the last two years.
I would love to do that but I work full time and have no holidays left due to my forthcoming wedding so it would have to wait til next year! I'm going to do a bit of practise using some friends as guinnea pigs but i just thought someone might have some good tips to share.

Found the tutorial really helpful too x
Have a look on the tutorials on here, form placement. It is important your form fits properley, no gaps a good form also helps I find the gold horse shoe or even square ones are awful, try spending a little bit more on a good quality form.

Just think of your form as being your tip, I sometimes apply two beads; one small bead to do my smile first and not even worry about length and then another for my sidewalls length and but up to my smile I just created with the first bead, kinda hard to explain sorry:confused:

Take care x
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