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Jul 14, 2003
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victoria bc
hi everybody,
i'm new to the board and having some problems with sculpting.

1. my nails turn out flared
2.having pocket lifting

how do i do the sides of the nails without filing them all off. i've been doing nails for 3 years and all of a sudden i'm starting to struggle with everthing. don't know whats wrong.if this keeps up i'm going to lose my cleints and my sanity.

:( :? :( :?
Ok, first things first.....

have you read samuel's online tutorial for sculpting? on page 4 there is a bit about pinching, this may reduce the width as well as producing more of a dramatic c-curve.

do you have a c-curve to start with in your form, or does it seem more flat when you apply your product?

be careful not to apply too much product to the sides and not enough in the middle, when i started sculpting i always had a problem with this, and now i aim for an equal 1mm thickness at the most, from side to middle to side on my finished nail enhancement.

Do you find pocket lifting mostly on the thumbs? or wide nail plates? samuel might help you out on this one, but i think its due to too wet mix ratio, too large a bead and because its too wet it shock cures, possibly causing excessive shrinkage which will suck the product right off the nail plate. and maybe leaving behind surface frosting too, which is often confused with crystallization.

hope this helps

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