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Jun 15, 2009
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I need help setting up a self employed contract for a nail technician ?

I have just came back from a long weekend away to find that my nail tech has cleared her desk and left me a card basically saying thank you for the opportunity but I have decided to leave due to personal reasons. I was gob smacked as she was constantly saying how happy she was and loved being in the salon etc and I go away and this happens then I find out she is away to work in another salon just totally baffled!!

So back on the look for a nail tech but want to put an agreement in
Place this time can anyone help me? X
The only agreement you can & should have in place is a rental agreement.

This needs to be drawn up by someone who knows what they are doing or it may turn out to not be worth the paper it's written on & give you no protection at all.

Sorry to hear that your renter decided to move on but I think it's normal for renters to do this when things are not 100% as they want them to be. If she has not complained to you about anything then it could be anything that has caused her to move on that may not be your fault (she may have been offered lower rent, a place closer to home, a larger room or she may have just fancied a change).
It's not the fact she has moved on it happens its the fact she never have notice etc x
If you have not said that a set notice is needed then she is within her rights to move on without notice.

If you had a rental agreement signed saying 1 weeks notice or 1 months notice is required then she would have to pay that week or months rent but she would most likely have still cleared her desk & moved on without actually working that week or month as it seems to me that it becomes uncomfortable to continue working somewhere when the landlord is trying to fill your space while your there with clients and salons often panic about losing all the clients (even though a self employed person's clients are theirs to take).

Yes it is a good idea to have a rental agreement in place when you take in a new self employed therapist but that rental agreement should be drawn up by a solicitor really as it could quite easily turn out to be worthless if it's written wrong.
Great thank you I will look into that thank you x

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