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Nov 6, 2015
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Any tips on setting up your own spmu business I've been in beauty 9 years and now fed up of shitty pay! Any ideas or tips on names, costings, training, where to buy stock? Literally any help will be appreciated!

My premises will be in my boyfriends fully licensed and insured mobile tattoo studio going and parking be outside their home.

Any help on semi perm make up business
Any help guys?
Any help thank you?
That set up looks great!
I don't do semi perm make up, but its something I'll be looking at in the next few years. I was looking at Mrs Make Up in Glasgow but I see thats miles away from you. Sorry I couldn't help but I'm sure you'll find something!
Been doing this for the last year and its really difficult to get clients, do your home work first as the training is expensive with a good company, I trained with Nouveau, but at the end of the day its like anything else, lots of people out there doing it and its hard to get clients.. its a constant struggle.
There not loads near me, I feel like I have done research. Even contacted nearby salons and tattoo studios for one a day week clinics. So hopefully something comes out of that. But I just want to do brows, and really specialise in one area before I continue. I already specialise in brows in terms of waxinf
Hi Natalie

I trained with Nouveau Contour, I've been doing it for 2 years and it's taken me 9 months to complete the silver package training. When I was researching I found the the type of brows I liked were all done by girls that trained with nouveau so it was a no brainer.
It is a big investment but contact nouveau and see what the prices are (we can't give prices on this forum) there is also a financial company you can use.
I love what I do and have been busy and expanded my income with spmu, it is a competitive treatment specially when people charge peanuts for brows (that are horrendous btw). in the beginning I got a lot of clients saying it was expensive but haven't heard it in a long time, once you set yourself apart from the rest it's all worth it!!!!
Good luck x
Any more on this question please I'd like to know this too? Natalie_laura what area are you in? I feel like there's not a lot in my area either. I'm training with nouveau in March, I can not wait!
Nayara did you do up to silver level this is what I'm booked on?
I'm in se London. Just everything is so Damn expensive I'd rather not take out a huge loan! Nouveau is out of my pride range unfortunately. I just wanna do brows for now then expand once I'm making money. I've found a course in Liverpool just brows for around 3,500 inc kit.
It is very expensive it's a shame student finance doesn't fund these courses it would be great if they did x
I trained with nouveau I've seen other work from people that trained with cheap companies & some work is shocking!!
I struggle to get clients some months others I'm turning people away. It's expensive I do own my own salon & kinda wish I'd just took a % off someone renting a room doing smpu.
It costs about £xxx per treatment to do then you have your time which is about 5 hours to do their application & retouch. I charge £300 per treatment so it's not that bad money but it's stressful. Client expectations are the worst.

[detailed costings removed]
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Thank you lapetite the cost has been removed before iv seen it haha I can imagine client expectations to be so high. Do you find nouveau good trainers? X

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