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Apr 2, 2010
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Really dont no whether im posting in the write place, sorry if its not.
Just wondering whether people have a seperate phone and number just for business?
Im opening a home salon and just wondering whether it will be a good investment getting another contract?
do you find it more professional?
For those that use just one phone do you answer the phone with a welcome and your business name for everycall?

I have a seperate buasiness phone, because when I first started I did a lot of internet advertising and didnt want my personal number on the internet. You may get late night funny calls!!!!

I do also think its more professional to have a business phone, that way you know allthe calls on that phone will be of a business nature

I have a seperate phone for my business. Its a pay-as-you-go so that Im not tied into a contract.
Absolutely, i used to do mobile- just gave up after 6 yeears and it was the constant texting. Ringing late, early mornings , i fwlt like a slave, peole will conatct a mobile number at any time they are awake, there are no boundaries with mobile be it text or ring so i absolutely advise you to get a seperate hone to keep you sane!
Separate phone and business greeting. How would you feel if you rang a business and they just answered 'hello'?

Having a dedicated phone means having a dedicated voicemail message and the option of switching it off!
Separate phone all the way. You can pick up a cheap pay as you go for £20. It's just annoying carrying an extra phone. I carry 3 phones which feels quite ridiculous. Personal, day job and beauty. My day job phone has Sat Nav so comes in handy.
I used to agree with seperate phone! and then I lost my business phone :cry: and it was a disaster obviously! now i use my personal and have been for years.
People with my personal number know i run a business and my voicemail is business orientated too. Its an excuse for just my family and close friends to have my number lol everyone else (ie people that you havnt seen in years or since school) can contact me via email or facebook lol.

I have never received a prank call so far or any weird calls other then 1 that was a man asking what kind of massage it was (i assumed he was wondering if it was a erm adult massage) how he got that i idea from my website only god knows but i could be wrong he could have just been nervous n thats why it sounded weird but after I said its a swedish massage and first time male clients have to attend with a female friend/partner that was the end of it lol.

The only problem is as was said earlier the texting from clients at stupid hour of night or morning but thats what i get for leaving my phone on 24hours a day lol :eek:
I used to use my personal number but have switched to a business phone. It doesnt have to be a contract or an expensive phone, a pay as you go mobile will do just fine, especially as most of your calls will be inbound anyway and most companies throw in things like free texts when you top up some money on the phone.

A lot of the places you advertise your business do attract attention of random companies trying to sell you websites, advertising or whatever they have on offer that week. These calls and the odd few weirdo calls you can get from having your number published are good reasons to have the phone seperate.

You dont want to find yourself avoiding yourpersonal phone ringing because you dont want to answer clients or suppliers that day. You could miss personal calls you would have wanted to take.
I used to agree with seperate phone! and then I lost my business phone :cry: and it was a disaster obviously!

Good point made by mikyla_jay, make sure to have all your contacts saved on an external hard copy (little black book or something) and also save them on the SIM and not the phone cos' I broke my personal phone a while ago and didn't realise till I put my sim into new phone that ALL my contacts were saved on the actual phone the last time so had to start all over again in gathering people's numbers.

Something I wouldn't have thought of at the start and something that could save a lot of hassle.

I'm not up and running yet but will def be getting a seperate business phone. (I am picking up sooo many great tips on this site:))
Thank you for all your replys, think im going to look into a seperate phone now then.there are quite a few offers out there at the minute with cash back offers and the phone free which i think will work out cheaper than buying a pay as you go and toping up all the time.:green:

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