Set-Time OR Performance???


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Jan 11, 2003
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Some teks think that set time is megga important and some teks think that long term performance of the the product is more important. What do you think and why??

Personally, I was always pleased when my clients came back with no problems, so I put that most important above all else.

What do you guys think?
[i agree about preformance being more important i would rather take 2 hours and gett a good no problem set :D than throw a set on and have to redo them the next day because they all fell off :( even though my sets are not quite problem free yet still getting that darn lifting :twisted: :evil: .the day they come back problem free 2 weeks or even 3 weeks later will be a day of big partying :tongue: :goal: :hic: ing[/quote]
I put more value on the quality of my work than the time it took me. Always nice not to run overtime of I try really hard to book myself realistic time spaces.
When I was in nail school we had this instructor who was really hung up on the time thing. Our very first nails we ever got to do was on another student. We each got to do 2 nails..well it took each of us one hour to do those two was our first time! The instructor freaked! She kept have to do the whole thing in one hour!!! I really think that learning to do nails right first is important...speed can come later.
I definitely think performance is more important but I do think a realistic time frame is also important. One client came to me from another salon because their infills took 2 hours and she just didn't have 2 hours spare.

We have a teacher in town that tells all her students they must be able to do infills in 30 minutes to make any money!
I'm relieved to hear you all think quality is most important ...guess I knew that really but I seem to take forever and I feel disappointed that after each set I dont seem to have got any quicker :( I give a time allocation to each step in my head ,and I only ever 'talk to the hand' No I just cant fathom where those minutes tick away to. I cant wait for the day that my clients can leave their overnight bags at home :rofl:
Quality first (of course!), but we have to be realistic...clients don't have time to sit forever and also its hard to book in 2 hour intervals.
Of course we all CAN do a set in 40 min, but thats not the point.
My goal is to do P&W rebalance (a perfect, lasting rebalance!) in max. 1:15 min.
But the quality has the be questions asked.
Right now it takes me 1:30- 1:35 min

PS. Nails I did yesterday:

-geek note. Anna. The link looked fine... must be a bug with my code... i have sorted the link out though... sorry for nice work as always!
When I have students come to me to see why they are finding it impossible to speed up and crack that 1 and 1/2 hour barrier I find that the reason is generally one of three things.

1. They are constantly stopping to brush away dust and 'check' (check what I'm never quite sure) their work.

2. They are changing files and buffers far too often (pick up put down pick up put down)

3. They have not developed a 'system' for finishing.

Developing a system for each phase of your work is so important.
A system for Preparation
Asystem for application
A system for finishing

If everything is done systematically, there is no need for constant checking and you do tend to work like a well oiled machine.
I vote for quality in your work! Time is something that comes with ..umm..welll..TIME! :rolleyes:
When I first started I thought I had to look at my customers while they talked, then I learned to "talk to the hand". Big time saver!
Geeg is right about developing a system for prep, application and finishing.
I have a few customers that I just know it always takes longer with. You know those annoying ones with the cell phones ?. :gun:
New customers take longer because I do a thorough consultation first. I always try to book accordingly and not shortchange anyone. Then there are those lovely ladies who remove their polish beforehand and use their Solar Oil everyday! :queen: It all works out in the end!
Anna from Toronto..............

Your nails are fab!

I've never ever seen such nice looking gel nails before, and believe me I've been looking!! What do you use?

Your admirer, Adele :D
Peppercorn Nails said:
Anna from Toronto..............

Your nails are fab!

I've never ever seen such nice looking gel nails before, and believe me I've been looking!! What do you use?

Your admirer, Adele :D

Hey Adele :) thank you :oops: :D !
I use gels..INT and Akzentz mostly..for more info you can check out my forum:
for more info you can check out my forum:

Hey girlie, where do you get all the time for all this activity!!

Admiring, Dellie
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