Set up Info needed to do spray Tanning in a hair salon


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Apr 8, 2007
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I am considering doing my Spray Tanning, nails waxing etc in a hair salon but before i do it i wondered what the pros and cons are, for example would i need a different insurance for working in a salon as opposed to mobile, what other restrictions does a salon have if any and anything else that i would need to know.

What sort of rate would you expect to pay or would it be a % of what i earned???

Any info would be gladly received

Thanks Jane:)
Ask the owner whether you would be covered on the salon's insurance or need to take out your own.
my guess would be your personal indemity insurance should cover you to work in the salon as well as mobile but that the salons public liability would cover the clients whilst in the salon. check it out with the salon owner and def. get a contract drawn up between you to finalise all of this and more even if its on a trial basis - and have set review dates to change/alter your contract. good luck

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