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May 7, 2012
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Hi, I'm after some advice.. I've been researching kit and courses and i'm pretty sure which ones i'm going to go for but my next thought is how do you actually set up the business? After training I know I'll need to practise, practise, practise to make sure i'm good enough to start charging and doing it professionally but when I am ready how to I set up the business? Is this the point where I do a business plan? and inform HM Revenue & customs? I've always been employed and have no idea how being self employed works :confused: I'd love to here from others who've been there, done that and can point me in the right direction :)
hi huni, you just need to call HMRC and let them know! And good luck I am just starting out too - which kits etc are you getting? xx
I'm thinking about getting the TS50 machine after researching on here and on google. LA Tanning seem to have a really good deal on at the moment but I can only see online training with them which I don't fancy doing I'd rather do a one or half day course so I'm looking at training with someone else, I quite like the sound of Nouvatan. How about you? x
Your best to buy a machine, solutions and the training all from one company. Easier if your have problems when tanning clients you can just ring nouvatan up and they can advise you!
I would recommend glotanz.
Great products, training and support.
Everything you need to get set up.
I'd also recommend a loyalty scheme maybe, after so many tans get on free or half price. Recommend a friend so clients can get a discount on next tan if a friend books. Spray tan parties. Spray all your friends cheap for the first tab and get them to recommend you at their work. Business cards, hand them to everyone! Give them to friends to hand out. Free advertising such as gumtree. Pay for advertising if it's in budget. Get a fb page or twitter account. Whoever you choose to go with ask them if they have a salon finder on their website do you can be found through them as well.
Set up a website.
Once ou start coming up with ideas you'll be away!
Good luck :)
Hi Im getting the LA tan kit and Ive booked 1-2-1 training with sunless solutions for next monday :)
You have 3 months from when you first start accepting payment from clients to inform the HMRC
Thank you for all your replies.. has anyone used the LA Tanning pop up cubicle and is it any good?
I trained with nouvatan end of march and it was fab the tanning side of my business is now picking up nicely. Highly recommend them the training and the solution are great.
I bought my kit from LA tanning i think they have a choice of three starter kits, i chose the middle priced one. They are really good! i havent had a problem with any of my kit yet (touch wood!) and you get quite alot of solution as well which after a couple of months i still have some left! and iv been tanning people every week! The only thing is which i didnt realise is that they do slap on a hell of alot of vat on the check out! and when you need to re stock your disposables they are more expensive that say suntana. so jut restock somewhere else for them. x
Thank you everyone for your replies.. can I ask, how about business name? How did you choose and how do you check if someone else has it already? what are the legal implications of choosing the same or similar name? :confused:

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