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Oct 3, 2007
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When I finish my course I am going to set up a home salon,maybe go mobile ,depending on where customers are. And need some advice on what I will need to set it up,how much product,nail polish colours, gel, ect.
I think I have it worked out then change my mind, I can't even decide on what brand to go with for starters never mind anything else!
So will wait and see what you all say to get me on track.
:eek:Thanks Lorri
as for the brand you should use, most peeps on here will say CND but I think you should use the brand that you trained with,the amount of product that you will need is really going to depend on how many clients you have? i would stockup on a good variety of colours so that your clients have options, and from my experiance loads of glitter its so popular with clients in my area!
You will need all of the basic's like nail prep, tips, files, glue, ETC but as you are trained you would already no all of this!
I also think you should stay with the product you know..until you have totally perfected your can feel like you are going backwards if you jump ship before.
Most colleges use a less expensive but beginner friendly comment on "salon shield" though:eek:.
On your profile you mentioned interest in young nails..if your heart is set on using that product then BeautyTech Beauty Professionals Networking on the Net- for the Nail Tech, Salon and Day Spa Owner, Cosmetologist, Esthetician has a lot of techs that swear by it...from memory not many on our forum i think beauty tech would also be helpful to you.
Lots of good supplies up your way pacific nail and beauty is creative,Midge's(not fully sure what she is called) Nail supplies has ez flow and I'm pretty sure the distributor for Young nails is in QLD too if you haven't had much experience with different products get in touch and see if you can get trial kits and go with the one you like best. As for the home or mobile set up you need to make sure you have insurance organised both public liabilitly and treatment risk( probably best to go for no less than 10million for each). You need to also check with your local council if you need a licence or for any health and safety issues.The APFA website has some links to aussie gov depts that can also give you buisness advice( do a search on the forums). As for set up best to start small then as business grows you can start getting more product etc. hth:)
You may find the liability insurance is too expensive for a mobile business. A few years ago I wanted liability insurance to cover at different locations (market stalls), they wanted over $2000. Now in my home salon I am paying nowhere near this much for insurance.

Also check with your home & contents insurance provider before registering a home business, some such as RACQ will void your home policy if you are running a business from the house. I have found elders to be very reasonable for my insurance (home and salon).

When I was deciding on my products I went for lots of treatments at other salons to try different products and see what I liked best. Think about the products you use in college or in salons you have worked. What did you like about them, or not like? This gives you a start anyway.

Good luck with the salon!

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