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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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At this point I am still shopping around for what I will need to set up receiving customers at home and would like to create an ultra modern look to my business space. I'd like to have feedback on the following equipment I found.


I thought since the posts are adjustable I could just install the shelf and not worry about having enough space for the legs. I chose this because of the stainless steel, I really love the look of it and it gives a very simple and elegant lines to it.

Another set of items that seem practical are these

http// and these

http// and these



That would be my overall setup at home. I thought of using lavender, purple, white and black with the stainless steel look.

Any feedback will be welcome )
....what is the trolley thing costing i like that... and what is the tall thing with what looks like mirrors hanging off it!!!

My home salon is jade walls with lavender rug/voile/towels etc., and chrome its very clean and crisp looking without being as stark as white...
OK you can get the troley at ikea store in UK and the cost is 30 UK pounds



The trolley's name is RACKEN (look on your right upper hand side in "Products A-Z" of their online catalog, the adjustable post to fix various storage units is called STOLMEN and costs 18 UK pounds and the storage units that go on the post are called TOFTAN and cost 68 UK pounds


Hope this helps

Kat's Claws
I just love Ikea.......I even got to work there for a while until I hurt my back :(
They will look good together, its a great line, I have the bin, lol, but I`ve gone for a cream and lavender with pine, I`ll have pics on my website soon.
Good luck with your decisions
Hi Kat, that metal trashcan with the lid is great, and so is the little white trolley but I'm kind of stumped about the other stuff, what would you use it for? My nail table is from IKEA, it's a LACK sofa table in birchwood or beech, I can't remember. It's the perfect L/W/H and was only around $50. I don't know if you need a table but it would fit in with the rest of your decor. And it wipes up really nice too, even acetone doesn't wreck the finish.

OK I think I'll be going off to IKEA soon...LOL !

Hi scratch,

The other "thingies" are 2 adjustable poles (floor to ceiling) and you install a shelf (which would be my table.......*grin*) and the accessory boxes attachable to the pole would contain my polish remover, alcool and one of them would contain the assortment of nail polish I'll have, treatments (solar oil). At this point I'm looking at different storage systems from small to larger but its hard to know what space I'll need because I don't know yet how much stuff I'll wind up with. So I'm looking at the different options that appeal most to me. Once I've brainstormed and taken measurements I'll have a better idea what I need for now. What I like about the poles is that I can add more storage space as my business develops.

The only thing I haven't searched for yet is a small cupboard to store clean towels, scottowels, etc...... D

Your setup sounds nice, I chose the stainless steel look to go with the name of my business, I'd like to offer my services to the alternative, goth crowd and wanted to find a name and an environment that would promote that. Very cool, cyber, clean and simple lines. I got the inspiration from a salon here in Montreal that almost had a zen quality to it.
I brought a chrome (cheap) wine rack... with a handle on the top its knee height and has 8 places for bottles... but i roll my towels up on that.. ideal to move about and keeps them nice and tidy without too much space
What a great idea jen, don't mind if I become a copy cat on this one? D wink
Thanks Kat for makes sense now! That would look very cool. Your scheme sounds great and I love the goth idea. Very cool market.

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