Shall I go mobile, as well?


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Feb 7, 2012
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West Midlands
Hello geeks (; I opened my home salon this Friday, did a big leaflet drop, advertised on Facebook etc.. and I don't think I've managed to get enough starting interest.... My OH has said that only being home based will not be any good and my business will fail (he didn't mean to sound that harsh aha) and now I don't know whether to do mobile too?
I had previously called up my car insurance comp to ask them how much it would be to add business use on (I was planning to offer mobile spray tanning) & I was quoted £80 for the year. At the time (and now if I'm honest) its a little too much as I haven't even got any clients yet! I wouldn't want to do extensions mobile though as I've got my little set up in my salon & we all know that clients haven't always got enough space etc but I'm just wondering if any home based geeks do mobile aswell and is it worth it? Also I'd only like to offer mobile in my area e.g. 3 mile radius from my house but would this be a bad idea?

Sorry for rambling on but he has put this idea iny head and I'm kind of thinking he's right and that I should be mobile too :/ help me please ! Thank you xx
Well, some 86% of the UK market is made up of successful home and mobile businesses so there's every reason why you too will win!

Go for it I say, keep positive plus building a good reputation for reliability and good service will always get you recommended. Also, don't be shy to tell everyone that uses your services to tell others
Im full time mobile and would love to have a home salon one day, but so many of my clients tell me they love me being mobile :s I think I'll just to colours from home (I'm a hairdresser) once you get your first load of regulars your clientele will gradually build ;)
hi hun, i have a home salon and i also do a little bit of mobile. My mobile clients i only do on tuesdays and wednesdays, the rest of the week is in my home salon as they are my busiest days and i like to be working in 1 place when i'm busy. I would definitely give it a go, it widens your chances of gaining new clients xx
I've just gone from being mobile to predominantly salon based. I say predominantly because I have fixed days in the salon and then I do a few clients who I can't convert because I'm either offering palliative care or they're elderly/disabled.

I actually quite like the mix of the two and it means my client base is a lot bigger than it would be by excluding mobile.

I'm not taking any new mobile clients on unless it's palliative but there's no reason why you couldn't make both work

Thanks for your advice everyone :)
What do you all think of me only offering my mobile services within a 3 mile radius of my house? I'm thinking of doing this as id prefer people to come to mine cos I've spent a lot of time & money doing up my room :) also, my car insurance is up for renewal in August and I don't wanna pay £80 for only 4 months cover if you know what I mean? If I'm only doing it local shall I just leave adding business use to my policy or is that a big no no? :/ oh god decisions decisions! X
Why only 3 miles hun? Could you state mobile within 3 miles, then charge the client say 50p a mile travel thereafter?

Would the 80 quid not be for the whole year therefore pro rata much less for 4 months? When I make changes to my insurance the cost is spread over the remaining months' direct debits. Sorry for the questions! X
I set my home salon up in February and I am loving it and never want to go back to a salon. I was lucky that I had existing clients who wanted to follow me but there are a few who can not get to me as I am off the beaten track a bit and without transport many cant make it. I do go to these, but at the moment I don't have a car and have to use public transport or shank's pony. It is hard work but they are paying clients and I want to keep them. I am getting a car and will continue to do them and hopefully more mobile but like ballyboo will keep it to one or two days at the most. My home salon is my priority.
Why only 3 miles hun? Could you state mobile within 3 miles, then charge the client say 50p a mile travel thereafter?

Would the 80 quid not be for the whole year therefore pro rata much less for 4 months? When I make changes to my insurance the cost is spread over the remaining months' direct debits. Sorry for the questions! X
It would be 3 miles because i have a 'real' job (i dont know how to describe it so im saying real aha) that i work 5 days/evenings a week and i dont want to burn the candle at both ends driving about all day doing clients then going to work all week etc, So for me it would be easier if i did mobile local for the time being (if i decide to) as Celtica has said, my home salon is my priority so i may just do mobile to the clients in my area who cant get to me easily etc.. I still dont know if im gonna go ahead with it, im going to wait a few weeks to see if i get enough interest as a home salon & then i might do it. oh god im banging my head here!! X
Going for 3 mile is definitely going to limit your potential clients, but you're dead right to do what works best for you. You could try advertising as mobile as well and when you get the calls just ask people if it is for a salon or home based appointment, that way you may get people who found you via mobile advertising but are happy to come to you - i think i explained that the way I meant it!!

As for the car insurance, I'm one for keeping it above board so am always going to advise you to play by the rules, for the sake of £80 against your insurance being made invalid, no contest.

I'm going to do the same but plan to do set days for the days I'm not working at my "real" job. The days I am working I'm going to quote to clients that I am fully booked. When I feel a little more confident of enough regular income I want to leave my job and do this full time. Loving the flexibility but need to be realistic on my income while just starting out. ;-)
Hi girls,
I've got a question - if I want to register as a mobile, do I need to have a driving licence? I haven't got it yet, but I'm going to apply for provisional licence soon, but it takes a while until i learn and pass driving exam and stuff.

I know it's stupid question, but I have no idea about about registering and all this stuff. Thanks for help xx
As you've only just opened your home salon, and don't really want to go mobile, why not try and focus a little more on changing your marketing strategies for the home salon?

Have you had second/third/forth opinions on your branding? Your flyers? Your price points?

Could you run any special opening offers?

Could you target any local groups - mother groups etc?

Just a thought x
Ok i have decided. Im staying home based untill i get myself established then i might offer mobile. My fiance apologised for giving me the 'your business will fail if you dont go mobile' lecture. Ive leafleted down the local school but dont know how to go about the mother & baby classes :/ do i ring up and ask if i can give some leaflets out or do i just turn up? Ive already done one big leaflet drop & ive been wanting to do more but its been pissing down with rain every time im about to do another drop! Grrrrr :mad: xx
You can call and ask if you can offer them an exclusive discount. Or just pay to put up flyer where they meet - often a library or community hall with a notice board.

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