Shellac/acrylic/Gelish advice please!


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Aug 13, 2010
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west yorkshire

Hi can anyone out there help me? I do l & p and also offer Gelish nails. Was wondering if any of you use electric drills to buff off shine when removing Gelish to reduce time? If so : what models can you recommend?
Any thoughts on whether this is advisable would also be don't know if these files would be harmful? Any thoughts anyone? Many thanks
Efiles are like any other file/product if you aren't trained to use them properly you can cause a whole lot of damage.
I have a Kupa Maxi-Pro Super Max and have used it to remove Shellac from L&P during a rebalance.
I would never use an E file to remove shine or Gelish topcoat from a natural nail :eek:

I don't see how this would even save you much time as it is just a quick buff with a 180 grit buffer over the topcoat prior to applying your acetone pad and foil wrap, so will take you a minute per hand tops.

Also the kind of clients who want a gel polish sevice would run a mile if they saw you bring out an efile ;)

Obviously as Klassy Klaws has said if you are properly trained in it's use then using an efile to remove gel polish from an acrylic (L&P) nail during an infill appointment that would be perfectly acceptable.

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