Shellac Additives, how do they work?


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Angies nailz

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Mar 25, 2012
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Hi I've just been look at shellac additives , I do shellac at the minute and want to add something extra .. How do u know what additives to put with what colour ? And how do u get loads of different colour choices to offer to clients just by using additives to change colour ... Been looking at lots I'd videos on on tube but just not sure how u decide what colour goes with what ?? Please help as really want to order some ASAP
Thanks so much Angie x
It's just a case of playing with them, lots of patience and colour pops, once you get used to them and how they work u will start thinking.. Ooo I bet X looks nice over Y....

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Sian has hit the nail on the head. As soon so start to play you will get to know what colours will go with what, and wake up in the middle of the night going oh I bet x will look absolutely amazing with y. That's when its a good idea to keep a notepad by your bed lol.

I highly recommend you go on the CND Shellac art and styles course though. You will learn so many techniques and get to have a good play with additives, foils and glitters that it will open up a whole new world for you creatively. Xx
Oh brill thanks for yr advice , was going to order the new forbidden collection additives and would u recommend any of the other additives that are out ? X
Yes get the forbidden as they are limited editions. From the others I'd highly recommend pink gold sparkle and green gold sparkle but they are all amazing x

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