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Jun 1, 2015
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westhill, Aberdeenshire
Hi all!

I bought some Moyou plates and varnish at Scottish beauty Show, but I'm wondering where exactly you incorporate stamping into your Shellac manicure?

Can anyone advise?

Thanks, Ang x
You could either stamp on top of your last coat of colour & then shellac top coat & cure as normal or stamp on top of a completed shellac manicure & use a normal topcoat.x
Is it okay to stamp straight on to the cured colour coat?. I am hoping to protect the stamping with the shellac topcoat.
Yes it should be fine, obviously make sure your stamping polish is thoroughly dry before top coating x
I stamp on top of the cured & wiped top coat with Konad polish which is very fast drying . Then I top coat again straight away and cure, wipe & oil.
Often the client isn't sure what pattern / colour to have until they see the final background colour anyway!
I charge extra £3 for stamping all ten nails. It's very quick too

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