Shellac Kit?


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Halls of Ivy

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Jan 23, 2010
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Romford Essex
Has anyone any clue about how long the shellac base coat and kit it out of stock for?

Iv been checking daily the sweetsquared website and have been calling alot but no luck.

I open in 4 weeks and am so desperate to offer this from the go, i use Bio now and would have to spend out to buy lots for the opening id be gutted to have to do this.

Does anyone have an unused kit they want to sell? xx
Why don't you do your grand opening with out it but offer space on a list for this elite treatment that will be coming soon to the salon,
that way you can advertise it , build an interest in it , and it will help getting an initial client base as people will check back with you to see if you have it yet if you big it up in there minds enough :)

it is a high end treatment and despite what others say there is nothing else quite like it. if you get this to the potential

and , when you do get it you can have a lunch party / demo evening witch is a good excuse to have a sort of 2nd opening to get more interest from new clients :)

Thats a great idea.

I could do that pretty easily, i would put it on the price list ready to go but am concerned about how long ill have to wait. Iv been running all of my bio line down in anticipation for shellac. Im worried ill get bookings for colours and ill have to purchase more bio.

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