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Feb 24, 2010
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newcastle upon tyne
Hi All

Please can anyone tell me, is £13.50 to cheap for a basic shellac maincure. cut, file, shellac polish. and how much should i charge for a removal.

thanks everyone:lol:
I would say.... yes it is to cheap :lol:
I charge £10 just for a file and polish !

I charge £25 for a shellac basic manicure... pep application, thats it.
I charge £7 for a removal, or free of charge if attending for a re-shellac.

Don't underprice yourself :hug:, shellac is hot hot hot at the moment,
Lots of technicians are unable to even offer the service due to stock shortage, so defo don't underprice yourself x
The product is worth soooo much more
I would say that is far too cheap and not worth offering at that price.

I charge £25 for file, cuticle removal and Shellac application. £30 for french with Dashig Diva French Plus Wraps. I get people paying this no bother. If they are having Shellac again I don't charge for removal of old Shellac.