Shellac white feathery lines


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Emily Case

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Aug 30, 2011
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Hi again everyone.

I know, another Shellac thread but I promise to keep it short :lol:

I have a client who had Shellac applied 5 weeks ago (Strawberry Smoothie with Moonlight & Roses). I ReShellacked her yesterday and she explained the strangest thing to me (which she did mention when she bumped into me a couple of weeks before her 2nd appointment).

She said that after a couple of days, her granddaughter said "oh look nan you've knocked your nails already" as there was a white 'scuff' on the ring finger of her right hand.

However, she looked a couple of days later to find it was gone. This kept happening throughout the 5 weeks - white 'scuffs' that look feathered on the ring finger, and then they started happeing on the index and middle finger of her right hand too. She captured a couple of pictures for me. When I saw her, the nails were perfect.

She is on a LOT of medication, including Warfarin. I told her this could put strain on the Shellac and it may not perform properly as a result.

She's not particularly bothered, and I suggested among other things that maybe it WAS a scuff that went white when her nails were dry (although she said "no, because I washed my hands and applied the oil you gave me and it still didn't disappear". I reapplied the Shellac in Iced Cappuccino to see how she got on with it, as she was convinced it was the colour :rolleyes:

Anyway, I was just wondering whether anyone else had experienced this?
As I said, not a huge problem but just trying to find her some answers :)

Thanks guys.
have you got the photos she took ? can we see ?

sounds like tooth paste or hair spray .
Unfortunately not, her phone didn't have a bluetooth or email function and I've just gotten rid of mine for an iPhone. Sorry! xx
ok well i dont think the surface of Shellac would be affected by medication.

so its an eviromental issue ,

tooth paste ,
denture cream
hair spray
cleaning products

possibly some thing like that .
I suggested those things too, and she said she washed her hands so definitely not toothpaste/shaving cream and she doesn't wear dentures.

Couldn't have been cleaning products either as she suffers with contact dermatitis and MUST wear gloves or she develops a reaction.

I'm stumped, to be honest.

Does she wear talc lined gloves, we used to get white marks on fingers and nails when we wore powdered gloves and the powder stays on after you have washed hands.
They are more than likely what they looked like... Scuff marks. She might have ran them across something (like white walls or something) and literally scuffed her nails. Scuffs will eventually wear away over a few days. I've done this before on my toes where shoes rubbed. Took some non acetone remover to it and it came off like magic. :) HTH

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