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Jan 23, 2013
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I was at my friends the other day and her neighbor was there aswell, We got taking about gel polish and the neighbor was asking me loads of questions like how much my course was and how much the polish costs me! She then goes on to say oh (shop name) is selling CCO gel polish it's only £5 a bottle and its the best lasting polish i've had and she said i should go and buy some from there!!

As shes friends with my friend i was just abit gobsmacked and didn't no what to say. This girl does her own nails with gel polish bought of ebay and she thinks she knows everything about nails!

Anyway is there anywhere i can report this shop? I'm guessing they've illegally imported the polish.
I think you could get in touch with trading standards x
But all though this is frowned upon I'm not sure if there doing anything illegal as they haven't copied any names etc unless it is imported it wont meet our standards or has not been passed for sale here (that is illegal)
Although i know they have already changed there name through court cases x

To no pro's this is a bargain and they don't really have a clue its a rip off brand x
Would like to know some facts on this though x
Why do you assume it is purchased illegally?

Just because a shop is selling a product we don't like doesn't mean they need to be reported.
I didn't think the product was legal in the UK as it doesn't have MSDS sheets? I didn't mean it to come across as i was assuming it was imported illegally it's just when you goggle CCO 90% off it is from China and USA and alot of it isn't declared properly.

I'm not wanting to report the shop because i don't like the product. I just wasn't sure if they was anyone i could report it to, to make sure there not importing it illegally. ~I don't like the thought of people been able to buy items that could be harmful and cause allergies especially if their been imported illegally.

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