Shrinking Violet


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Oct 16, 2013
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I'm looking at this for my salon in Oxford - any comments or feedback from anyone on whether its worth taking?
Never tried sv in the end as we went for universal contour wrap and the results are amazing! Clients raving about it and average inch loss since we started 11 per wrap!!! Defo get your wraps I before Xmas! Best of luck x
Thanks Hatty - will look at universal contour wrap.

I am just about to do Shrinking Violet Course. Trained many years ago to do UCW .Yes the results were good But.... It is quite an unpleasant treatment to have done being left in wet bandages that eventually go cold having to exercise. Then those sopping wet bandages and masses of wet towels have to be washed and then the time it takes to roll up all those bandages!!!
Shrinking Violet is actually a very pleasant treatment to have done. None of the mess and the Wrapture (like cling film) is just thrown away.
Thanks FuzzyDuck - let me know how your training goes!

Cold bandages don't sound very inviting.

Shrinking Violet is fantastic. Ucw doesn't work in the same way as sv. Sv actually removes fat permanently and it has been a hit in my shop x

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Thanks - do you mind if I ask your charging structure, treatment timings and whether you perform any additional service while the client is in wrap such as a mini facial?

Many thanks
Shrinking violet:

Opened in August and have taken over £2500 in wraps.

But I'm within a large gym which helps.

Personally the name is excellent

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