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Feb 16, 2016
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Hey everyone, I'm new here and new to tanning!
I am about to book a course once I decide who to go with!
I am wondering on people's opinions which tan is best ?
I have had sienna tans myself and always liked the colour but the training and kit price is far more expensive than LA. But I am seeing so much good stuff written about LA.

I am looking to make this a business to do as many tans as possible.
What is the best gun to have ??
So many questions lol X
I Have just completed a training course with Noavatan that was really good and one to one which I loved!! Xx
Hey thanks for your reply!
What is the actual tan like from Nouvatan is it still quite dark as I like the deeper tans!
Are u going to be mobile? Might sound stupid but to me mobile do u have to have an extracter unit ?? Xx
Hiya [emoji4] I really like the tan from nouvatan it's a really nice natural colour... It depends how deep you want it.. They range from 6% - 14% so if all preference really and what's best for the client and there skin tone ect.... You'll learn all that on your course though... Not mobile currently although it is something I will be doing.. No you don't have to have an extractor fan xx
Ah brilliant! Thanks so much for your help [emoji5]️ xx
I did mine recently with LA Tanning, they are local to me and have given excellent support since I qualified xx
No problem [emoji4][emoji106] xx
I did my training with Sienna X. I love the tan colour as its really natural. Plus being a big name helps. The training I thought was pretty reasonable and you don't need to buy their gun/tent. I didn't, I have something cheaper and it's all fine. I'm mobile and I don't have an extraction fan.

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