Silk or fibreglass?


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Jenni G

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Oct 3, 2003
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Can anyone out there tell me how do you decide whether to use silk or fibreglass on your client when using Fabric#. I've got the try me kit and used both on different clients and both end results were brilliant and there didn't seem to be any difference. Any help would be much appreciated.

Ta Jenni x
Personally I love fibreglass!
Not for any particular reason other than I feel the results i get are fab!

I feel that perhaps whilst silk is a bit more sheer.....fibreglass (because of its weave) adds just a tad more strength.............but hey!.........
We are talkin Fabric# here and silk or fibreglass will afford you the luxury of absolutely suoerb results!

I luuuuuurrrrrve it!
I've done both silk & fiberglass & the only difference I have noticed is that fiberglass is easier to handle since it's a little stiffer than silk. But as far as performance - my clients say it's about the same.

Has anyone tried the new OPI Future Fiber Wraps? (I'm not 100% positive of the name - could be Micro Fiber Wraps.) I have the kit but I haven't gotten to try it yet. The video has a few different techniques that might be fun to try.


Carrie in NE
The strength factor between the 2 fabrics is not worth worrying about with the Fabric# system - both are strong and beautiful.

There is a difference in the "look". You may have to see them together to appreciate the difference, but using silk gives a slightly 'softer' appearance to the enhancement - very pretty.

Also, there are women out there who just like to say -- "I have my nails wrapped in silk" ...cause it sounds nice!! Give them the choice.
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