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Jul 25, 2013
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Hi Geeks

Hoping for some suggestions regarding my other halves skin ... He works on a rigg just off Norway so his skin sees very harsh weather conditions and lots of dirt and sweat off working 12 hour shifts!
His skin is starting to look very worn and pores and quite enlarged and one minute he can be dry off the weather or very oily, can anyone help with suggestions to cleansers, masks, moisturisers etc ...
I know this is my job but not very often I see extreme conditions like this and I work with guinot so price wise is not ideal and maybe a little wasted on him due to not 'caring' about how he looks after things when he is away (total bloke) it doesn't matter if the suggestions are high street/drugstore brands or salon/spa brands!!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions xx
Guinot Creme Extra Protection is good for Ladies/Men who work outdoors. sail, ski etc. Maybe he could use it during the day and Mask Pur Equilibre a few times a week for any oiliness/blocked pores.
Lush do two AMAZING products which would be perfect. Ultrabland which is a cleanser, it's oily/creamy/amazing, it's massaged onto the skin & taken off, or in a blokes case slapped on and dabbed off with a damp flannel. Ultrabalm is also a great product, it's a salve type cream. Your priority here is protection from the elements so anything oily/barrier-creating is ideal.

P.s they come in bloke-proof tubs & tins - nothing pink or remotely hinting at girliness haha

Hope this helps.
Thanks geeks (sorry for late reply been in London on business :() I will look into these with him and see which he prefers!! Xxx
Murad Environmental Shield x

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