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miss pinkie

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Mar 11, 2007
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i have jus started my own business and i am trying different products for my facials etc, could you let me know which products you use ???:)
Why not do a search on "facials" or "skincare" there is tons of information in very similar threads.
i use priadara as a mobile therapist, eve taylor is good too. i would email all teh companies you are interested in and get samples from them all. some of the more expensive brands which you initially may think you cant afford offer payment plans- so get all teh info you can.Hths
The Eve Taylor range are an excellent product line for therapists there is no minimum order and they give outstanding results. The retail is reasionably priced. The training for the Eve Taylor Range is begining to kick in as I know there are some fantastic new products and training being released.
They have just launched the lip mask which is a peel off mask that is a gentle expoliant and hydrates the lips as well as a peel off eye mask that is most impressive. The Products are environmentally friendly that contaimn no mineral oil or comodegenic ingredients. The treatment oils are gergeous to work and retail to.
My clients adore the range and as stated before does not drain on the purse!
I use Priadara and SBC products for my facials and i work mobile.
Clients love the products, they give great results and are easy to retail too.
Hope this helps.
In my salon we use Susan Molyneux, we find it very popular with clients, and it is all natural aromatherapy based, and thier training is great.

Here is there web site

MONU by Susan Molyneux

Lizzy x

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