Small nails - Which tips?


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Sep 23, 2009
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Livingston,West Lothian

I've been working in a salon part-time for a few months, and really enjoying it. We full-well tips, and enjoying working with them.

I have someone i know who would like to book in with me nearer christmas, but she has very small nails. They are not bitten, they have a free-edge. They are narrow nearer the cuticle, the widened out when getting to the free-edge. Will i stick with the full-well, and file it down and adjust, use something else. I've not been doing very long, so still get abit nervous. So any suggestions would be very welcome :)

Thank you :)
I would use the well-less Performance tips from CND.

For one, you do not have to blend them at all, not even to thin them as they are already thin with no discernible 'ledge' when applied to the nail. Just apply, trim and go.

2. They are tapered slightly so will look sleeker and help to narrow the 'fan-shape' of the nails.

3. The natural nails tend not to 'curl away' from Performance tips the way they do from other types of tips (due to being made of a new material).

4. Performance tips will give a really enhanced result for you.

These tips will make life much more easy for you on nails like the ones you describe and will make the service faster too. They come in White or Natural or Clear and can be purchased from the Fingertips Centre on 0131 3333180
Thank you for your reply Geeg! I'll be taking awee trip to fingertips center soon the stock up on Minx, so I will give these tips a go. Thanks again :)

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