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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Hello all

Despite reading and practising the tutorials on here, my smiles lines still arn't crisp and perfect.

I keep seeing all your pictures on here of very smiley, perfect smile lines and they put mine to shame.

Please can anyone offer me any tips on this??? I know practise will make perfect but I have been doing lots of tips and overlay and want to get into doing more sculpts again.

Thanx you..
Practice only makes perfect if you are practicing using the correct techniques!!

One to one training with a tutor will save you hours of 'practice' using methods that are clearly not working for you.

After your 'session' with an experienced tutor you can spend time more profitably using methods that work.
Hi Stephanie

Geeg is right. I did an hours 1-2-1 with Pamela Rohlf at the Maidenhead Academy. She was marvellous. I'm still having trouble with my smiles but haven't been doing L & P for long. I will definately book another hour with her ( or two :oops: )

If you are Creative trained give her a call on 01628 829700

Be warned, she makes it look ooooooooh so easy !!! :D

Sawadee Ka Geeg

Is there a time in future creative will do a dvd or book you do not have schools in all part of world so maybe your company can help many more people .

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee Ka Mui,

Creative have done many videos in the past for Master Classes and the Winning Nails video by Creative is very good at showing different techniques.

We don't have trainers in every part of the world (but we nearly do). Our policy has always been that Creative do not sell products without training ... I appreciate your situation is difficult, but that would still be true no matter whether you had the help of a video or CD or not. :(

Kop khun ka
Sawadee Ka Geeg

We are not stupid at our shop we know you only sell professional nail tech with creative product and some lady England after 1 or 4 day course think she professional with cert can buy from you or maybe friend buy for her some lady tell me .

Creative nail polishes are for sale in Thailand so if i ever want to try your product i will find no problem we are not ready to buy too many products or do nail for customers we will keep doing nail for ourselves and sisters when we have our shop open 7 day a week 13 hour 1 day not like some professional your country who go on 1 day course pay for cert no body fail your country and call her professional nail tech.

I look internet many many hour i not stupid i know problem in England with bad nail tech or maybe speak bad people from asia do the bad nail i forget lady asia not go on the 75 english money 1 day course maybe.

Kop khun ka mui
Sawadee Ka geeg

I want to say one more to you i see in English magazine them have 1 day course learn acyrlic or gel 75 pound english money and cert sound like to me people buy the professial name not learn too much .

Eveyone professional if give company small money .

Sawadee ka Mui,

I don't think you are at all stupid and I admire how hard you are trying to learn and how hard you work ... and I know that you want to do it the right way. I was just explaining how it is with Creative.

The truth is that the 4 day foundation course with Creative is just the beginning of a year long course --- we don't consider that someone is fully trained after 4 days!!! But we do know that after 4 weeks, the student is aware of how to work safely with the products and isn't going to come to any harm through ignorance.

We do all we can to ensure that our technicains become the best they can be and we want them to know that we are their partner in helping them to grow a good sound business through education and skill.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and at the moment with no regulations it is more than anyone else is doing. We only sell to certified technicians (who hold a certificate WE recognise) AND technicians who hold valid insurance as well.

The technicians who have little or no training NEVER do well and are not around for long, so the best win out in the end anyway.

As I have said many times, the public is not so stupid either and can spot a bad worker and will generally move on. How many times would any of us go to a bad hairdresser before we changed???

I wish you GOOD LUCK in everything you do -- you work hard and you deserve it.

Kop khun ka,
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