Smiling on a sad day


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Jan 9, 2003
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Leeds, UK
The Excel show in London was a massive hit. Sunday was packed solid and saw our presentation going to a full audience. Monday was slower than usual as many tubes were shut due to the torrential rains that beat down many parts of the UK that day (what a nightmare of a drive back up to Leeds that night).

We got a funky new digital camera to mount on the stand to show demos up on the Plasma Screen and full on sound system so we could demo to many more people than normal.

The main bummer of the new camera is that you have to keep re-recording the demos over each other to keep the camera operational, but every bummer has a silver lining.

I found a smile application on the tape that I took lo-res still shots from and did a new page under the new Tutorials section called Million Dollar Smiles. Lemme know what you think.

Its on a day like today where I miss my native USA more than ever. Every time my thoughts go to the tragedy last year, my heart yearns for home.
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