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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
When at excel, I had lots of test nails done for different products. Now, you would expect the people at these shows to be up to date with current thinking and methods, but one of the demonstarting techs "roughed up" my lnail plate before application. I had forgotten about it until I soaked them all off recently. The nail plate is a complete mess, also really flimsy and easy to damage. The others are all absolutely fine - but they only removed the shine. I won't be able to put nails on for ages now - it is just too flimsy and thin. I like my nails to look perfect, and I feel I haveto explain to every client recently why they are not at the moment.

I am so cross. :cus:

People like that are not good for companies' reputations.
Ella, the best thing you can do is use a wrap or a thin thin coat of R+ to protect and nurture that thin nail until it grows through.

Don't think you can't enhance it, you can just clean it thoroughly (there is no shine to remove if I understand what you are saying). It will appear the same as your other nails to your clients and no explanations needed.
thanks for that. Can I extend it - or is the bnail too flimsy. It is so fragile the free edge is ending up ragged.
You can extend it but keep it reasonable.

Maintain it gently for 8-12 weeks, (be patient) then remove and shorten the ragged edge until smooth. Massage a good cuticle oil into both the enhancement and then the natural nail (when you see it again). You may get some lifting at the edges because of the thinness of the natural nail and thus the movement of it under the enhancement, but if you keep the overlay nice and thin this should be minimal. ;)
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