so excited!!!


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Aug 10, 2007
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kent, uk
i have got a date for my spa manicure course, 17th november!!!!
i had to order a few bits from sweet squared for it and it arrived today with some 'SAMPLES' for raw earth......yeah!!!!! was not expecting those now i cant wait to use them......
has anyone done the course, what should i expect......??????

sian xx
Good luck hun,i am doing mine at Milton Keynes next monday...ill be awake the night before wetting my self with excitement:eek::lol:

maybe PM handmaiden,she has traimed with Liza at Kent i think.

Hope you enjoy it:hug:
Expect a lovley pedicure, whereeer you go they will teach you how to use the products and in which irder but you also can get a video or print off the step by step on the creative website.

enjoy its lovley
How exciting, good luck on your course :hug:
Hope you enjoy your course. And enjoy using the products as much as the rest of us. My order with sweet squared arrived in a flash! Ordered yest and it came this morn. Perfect. Although i already offer the raw earth pedi I also had some samples which was nice! x

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