So, what do you use?


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Jan 22, 2012
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I'm in the middle of setting up my home nail salon, my room is very limited on space.
What I want to know is when your doing pedicures what chair do u provide for your client to sit on?
I've got my chairs for when I do
Nails but these are not really suitable as there stools

Thanks you in advance :0)
I use the beauty couch so much easier
My room is only small so a couch is not really an option for me once ive got my table and chairs in.
I have looked at the couch chairs but think it might take up to much room still
I have a tub chair It was £70 from asda.home online. X

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i have not long set up my home salon and ive been using one of my dining chairs, not the best but ive concentrated on products etc

as long as you make the client feel special and give a really good treatment thay will bear with you whilst your still setting up!!

my clients do far have loved coming to my salon and have said they actually prefer it to a high street salon!
Tub chair what a good idea, I've just seen this what do u think ?


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i love that chair where is it from please :biggrin:
I just did a search on good old eBay there new for £79.99 plus £10 postage and come in other colours
I sit on a childrens stool from Ikea and put a clean towel on my knee. The stool is so small can easily be stored and cost about $10 aussie.
Tub chair what a good idea, I've just seen this what do u think ?

yes this is like what i have. But i dont have the foot rest. X

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Thanks chazz I think you could have solved my problem, your a star :0)

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