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Jul 13, 2004
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Hi, Have been reading old threads about soak offs and was wondering if anybody uses finger spa's to soak off extensions? I am a mobile technician and have not offered soak offs to my clients before but with these spa's it seems it would be much easier. Also do many of you use pure acetone or other soak of products?
I have soaked off my own extensions many times and always use acetone with a few drops of cuticle oil so the nail plate doesn't get too dry but it still isn't very nice to the hands! Help!

I have been using finger spas to soak off enhancements with a acetone and a drop of cuticle oil in each spa. They work very well especially if you have a few nails on each hand that need soaking off. Doing it this way means that you can get on with the other nails while the others are soaking off without too much problem.

Try it and see what you think.

Best wishes
I suppose its a personal preference but I prefer to use a section of a nail wipe soaked in product remover and then wrapped in foil (shiney side in) I find this very effective and cost effective..and it ammuses my clients the first time lol and they are free to move around..
I also use the foil soak off method as it seems to work for me, although sometimes i wish i could speed it up abit, always seems to take a while.

i am interested in those finger spa's but wasn't sure if they were worth getting, any thoughts?

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