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pink prada

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Apr 19, 2012
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hi wonder if some one can help, had my hair dyed yesterday by a qualified hair dresser shes done my hair for the past 11 nearly 12 years,shes a family member, i normally have 40 vols with bleach put on my roots n never have a problem, yesterday she put 20 vol with bleach put on my roots 10 minutes after it been aplied my head felt really a bit itchy after 20 minutes it started hurting so she rinsed it off it was a bit yellow so she applyed a toner as she normally does i felt like cryin i got up went upstairs and rinsed it off as my head felt really sore, my head was still hurting a bit after my hair had been dried and straightened, i woke up this morning with big scabs on my head and my head was hurting ive been to the doctors and shes gave me some cream, my son whos training to be an hair dresser asked his tutor why it happened and she said a 20 vol with bleach shouldnt of burnt my scalp like it has, my son used some of the bleach mixed with 20 vol same bleach and peroxide that was used on my hair and the same thing after 10 minutes happened to his head, could there be a problem with the products, i dont blame my hair dresser as shes always done my hair n never had a problem before, could the products be to blame.
Do not let her use 40vol ever again on your scalp!!

If she is using cheap peroxide and Bleach this will be 1 answer, but depends if you use products yourself that contain metallic salts this won't help!
This is odd, as your hairdresser has previously used a stronger peroxcide on you previously and you've never had problems? Do you know if it was a different brand? Are you on any medication at the moment? It's a difficult thing to answer without all the facts.

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