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I've got the spa manicure kit and it is heavenly! I have only used it on myself, but I love the smell and the way it makes your hands feel.


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May 12, 2003
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When I bought the Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure kits I never put in for the training. :shock:

I have watched the videos religiously and I can perform them. But my Mum says that I will need to go on the training before I can perform the services on Customers because feet can cause a lot of problems. :o

For example, if I was to cut the toe nail incorrectly I could cause an in-growing toe nail. This is something I never considered before! :o

So I have these questions:

1) Is it true that I need to have the training before I perform them?

2) Does the training come with a certificate to say I am qualified?

3) Are there any major things I should know about when I am dealing with peoples feet? :?

Thank You.
It doesn't make sense NOT to have the training that comes FREE with the kit??

All CND training is accompanied by a certificate if you pass.

There are many major factors to consider when dealing with people's feet!
I am already trained in Manicure and Pedicure but I intend to buy the manicure kit as soon as I can and it would be silly not to take them up on the training wouldn`t it?
There aren`t many places offer to train you for free
if your not trained in manicure and pedicure would you have problems on the spa mani and pedi traing day . :? as the course is only for a morning or afternoon
I don`t think it will be a problem.
As you say its only a morning or afternoon training session so there can`t be too much A&P involved. If you`ve done a nail technician course you must have done a certain amount anyway so you should be ok with it
whats a+p :shock:
I didn't realise there was free training, I figured that because there were videos then that was all you needed. But I will take the training when I order my next kit.
A&P= Anatomy and Physiology, sorry, easier to abbreviate words like that
The class is designed to show you how to use SpaManicure and SpaPedicure products to the best advantage in the salon. We cover briefly anatomy and physiology and massage techniques and marketing ideas too.

It is not a 'comprehensive' manicure or pedicure course but is packed with a lot of information. It would always be best if one had already completed a beauty therapy course in Man and Ped but failing that, this course will keep you on the right track. We do not practice any invasive techniques or other techniques that would come under the 'chiropody' banner! These are spa treatments that are more akin to a facial service but for the hands and feet .... utter luxury.
spa manicure/pedicure 2 words


groovynails said:
if your not trained in manicure and pedicure would you have problems on the spa mani and pedi traing day . :? as the course is only for a morning or afternoon

You have to be either a nail tech or a certified manicurist / pedi - this course is to teach you to use the Creative Spa System - NOT to make you manics / pedics - , we do not cover bone structure of the hand and foot etc etc - we do cover contra indications! ;)
So, I am a certified nail technican, but would you advise that I do a Manicure and Pedicure course? Or, if I take the day's training on the Spa Manicure and Pedicure, will I be fine? :?

I know I ask thousands of questions but I just want to check. :oops:
You will be fine to use the product ... but more knowledge is always preferable, gives a greater insight and adds to your profesionalism.

It is also our responsibility to our clients that we know as much as possible and become experts in our profession. This is a goal that maybe you would like to set for yourself when time and funds allow.

I always attend at least one or two advanced training courses per year and have done for 15 years!! Just attended one in SanDiego a couple of months ago.

When I stop I'll know I'm dead :D
When I stop I'll know I'm dead

Even then I dont think you will stop, I can see it now
Pearly gates, big Creative C over them and you offering pampering to all those deserving souls.
All the other none deserving will have to go to ...........(fill in your own leat favorite product)............. lol

Gigi people like you will go on for ever and if by chance you dont , your name shurely will

love Ruth xxxx
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