Spa Ritual reviews needed ladies!


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Oct 3, 2013
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Gloucestershire, UK
Our salon is thinking about bringing in Spa Ritual as they are Eco conscious and vegan which our salon tries to stick to as much as possible. We have received some free samples and are going to use them later today but I was wondering if anyone here has any input?
Gorgeous smelling, quality products. I love SpaRitual and the polishes are also good.

I went with the for the USP of having eco friendly and vegan but to be perfectly honest I have NEVER had a customer ask me if I use vegan polishes. However saying that I am mobile and I don't do that many luxury pedis/manis any more due to the number of clients that want Shellac. It may be different in that you are a salon?
I don't have any experience of the other products but the polishes are very nice.
We used to use the spa ritual products in a salon I worked in. Loved the scrub & massage oil but didn't really like the polishes, found the colours abit hard to paint without looking streaky x

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