Spanish Manicure - 1st time I have had one


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Nov 6, 2005
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I decided to treat myself to a french manicure today, in a Spanish hairdressers in a new local shopping centre. They were charging 8euros (approx £4.20) for a standard manicure and 8euros (approx £6.00) for a french manicure. I thought it would be good for me to see how the Spanish work, as they seem to charge alot less than I do and I would like to try and get some more business form the Spanish market as I am living in Spain now and have been for 2 years. Anyway, the lady was really nice and I thumbled through with my broken spanish. This is how her manicure went:-

*She did not wash her hands first or ask me to wash mine either!*
**She did not sanitise either of our hands!**
1) Filing of the nails using a sawing action with a blizzard board 100/180 grit, using her fingers to clear away dust off end of my nails all the time
2) Straight into a massage of the hands (which was very nice actually)
3) Using a wooden stick to push the cuticles back (I'm sure it had been used before)
4) Then using a tool (not sure of name) to nip away hang nails (used her own nails to wipe away any white that had got on my skin!
5) Polish - straight to white on tips, then beige (x2)

6) Spray - used this to dry the nails
*No Base Coat*
**No Top Coat**

The polish is still on at the minute, it did dry very quickly I have to say.
But no wonder they manage to do it so cheap, although it still took her about 40mins, but most of that was on the polish!!
That was it!
Hope you washed your hands before you ate your lunch! I'd put a bit of topcoat on to seal it all before it starts to chip off.
*She did not wash her hands first or ask me to wash mine either!*
**She did not sanitize either of our hands!**

Did this not bother you?

If it were me having the treatment, I would have done either one of two things:
Ask her why she didn't sanitize OR walk out.

If she's not washing/sanitizing either your or her hands, what state are her tools, towels or surfaces going to be in?

Sorry don't think I'd have took the risk no matter how inexpensive.:)
Hi Just thinking :confused: you say a sawing action ?
I just wondered , they have now changed their minds on filing and they say there is no need for a towards the middle action nowadays as it doesn't help the natural nail as once thought, or am I getting confused ?

I think its said
that as long as done correctly a seesawing motion is fine,
the heat generated from the abrasive can help to seal the keratin cells at the end of the free edge , thus preventing peeling .
I tend to use my koala for free edge shaping .

can someone verify if i am correct please, and mabey expand on my rather useless explaination lol :green:

Oh and I am sure this has now been discovered as to be fine to do whereas it was once not,
is just because research is always being carried out...and developments change all the time ...

Once women were advised to eat liver during you would be sent to hell if you did . :green:

Maybe this is way they perform nail treatments in this particular salon. :)

Maybe I'm wrong.

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