Special offers for clients booking a course of treatments?


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Oct 29, 2007
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I've got my brain in a pickle (doesn't take much!) & wondered what you all do?

I have put on my treatment list that if you book a course of 5 treatments (massage, facial etc) get a 6th one free.

Now I'm not sure how to implement this!

Do you get client to just book 5 treatments up in diary & leave it at that or do you ask for payment upfront (& if so, full payment or deposit?)

Also, I have a couple of clients who have had 2 massages and booked a 3rd so hopefully it looks like they will be having a monthly treatment. If I point out this offer to them and get them to book more than just one month ahead, should I take into account the last 2 treatments they have had & count towards the 'book 5 get 6th free offer'?!!

As you can see- I've tied my brain in knots now pondering this!
Hi Applepie,

You need to get it clear how you would implement it and state that T&C's apply on your treatment list.

I have done the same, but on the basis that Booking a course means that the course is booked and paid for up front. For e.g. i visit a chiropractor and i booked and paid for my course of treatments up front. As a result, i got a discount by paying upfront and therefore guarenteeing the treatments would be used.

You need to work out if you want to work on that basis. If you do, the clients would book and pay for all treatments up front, with the discount applied.
If people want to do a "pay as you go" system, they're not on a course, and therefore the discount would not apply...

does this make sense?
make up a loyalty card and stamp/sign it on each visit

this is what i do and it works great for me

i would go with the loyalty card system even if you just sign or stamp on the back of one of your business cards and you could book them in for six and just let them pay as they go if they dont turn up or cancel they dont get there free one they will be the ones loosing out.

Also have you stated that its just for one of the treatments as people may try and have 5 massages and then want a facial free or the other way around or if they have 3 massages and 2 facials does that count as 5 and what will they get free??
ah... loyalty card system... that makes sense - sorry, i'm on painkillers so my brain only thinks one way at the moment.

The only thing to watch with with your one free treatment is that they don't chose a treatment for their freebie that is twice as expensive as those which they've been receiving!
its up to you which way you go, but you need to decide WHICH way you go otherwise you'll just be flustered when a client asks about it.

when I booked for a course of electrolysis, I pay upfront, then get my last appointment free. They give me a business card with 6 squares in it, then sign and date inside each box when I redeemed it.

that is probably the best way to go, because you will know that they client will come back.

If you go the loyalty card route, you could give them a stamp everytime they spend say £10, once they've spent a certain amount they get (and you specify what it is) for free.

I go to a day spa and everytime I spend £10, I get a stamp, once I've spent £100 I get to use the spa wet facilities for free for an hour, which usually costs £25.
There's so much to think about isn't there, & I guess clients will always try to test the limits!

I think all your suggestions are great, thanx. I just had time to read minipig before one of the ladies I mentioned arrived for her massage. She mentioned about my 6 for 5 offer herself so I tried out asking her to pay ahead to test the waters! She seemed surprised to be honest so then I felt bad!! (need to get a stronger business head - I am a softie you see!)

We had a chat after treatment & she was quite understanding but I agreed to book up another 5 treatments and have noted the last as her free one but not collected payment. I guess it's a lot to pay in one go and as I have only been going a few months I really need to encourage clients like this to keep booking so I am ok with this. Like you say, if she doesn't keep the bookings, she won't get the free one at the end.

Guess what though? She did exactly as Kelly said and did a mix & match of facials & massages! They are the same price so not really any problem for me. Think I definately need to work out my 'rules' though and make sure it's clear & the same for all!

Thanks alot guys - any more advice would be fab!
Helen x
I haven't actually implemented this and I am kind of glad that I havent. I've been in my premises a 14 months and some of my clients are as regular as clockwork, and come every 4-5 weeks.

I was lucky to take over from a therapist who was retiring and handed over her business without any payment.

I offer certain incentives and monthly special offers so it tends to attract clients that aren't so regular. My regular clients tend not to bother with the vouchers and special offers that I send to them in a newsletter.
Courses of treatments pre-booked really work for people who have come to you with a particular problem and agree to a treatment plan, which is where the course comes in. You would do the plan during your consultation and then state, for e.g, our treatment plan going forward would be a massage once a week for the next 2 months. If you wanted to, you could book and pay for these treatments all in one go and by doing so you would save X pounds. This really only works for those clients agreeing to a treatment plan and those who will stick to it, and those with the financial ability to do so.
For those on a loyalty plan, you could offer a discount after x amount of treatments over a certain price.
This rewards those who return to you for treatments, but also gives the option of "booking a course" rather than just rebooking.... if you get my differentiation??!!
I think you'd be better off selling it a course, so they pay for 5 massages and then get a 6th free (taken within a certain times and non-transferable).

If you do it the way where they pay as they go, you're not gaining anything and when you come to do the 6th one for free, you'll really resent it, especially if you have a few freebies that week and are stuggling to pay your rent etc. xxx
That's so true brow queen!

You made me chuckle as I was saying exactly that to my hubbie last night about how when I do the free one I'll feel a bit resentful in a way as I put my all into giving a massage & yet I have realised I will not really be gaining anything myself with this offer!

I think it's probably the wrong offer for my own situation as my treatment room is at home so it's not like getting monies up front helps me to pay rent etc.

I'm going to think it through really carefully and make sure any offers I do are well thought out this time!

I do monthly speical offers anyway and think maybe I'll do the 10% discount if someone recommends a friend off their 1st treatment and the same for the person who referred them. Then I think i'll make sure the 6 for 5 course is clear that it is only if they pay upfront as I can see this may help getting people to commit to a treatment course.

Then I think I love the idea of just giving a freebie now & then to loyal customers(either treatment taster, retail product, voucher etc). I think that may appeal to my clients & also be something I would enjoy as it is a nice thing to do & easier to control!!

Thanks everyone for the benefit of your experience.

yes, applepie and brow queen,
I totally agree.

whenever I put special incentives on, its great to promote yourself, but you do tend to resent doing the treatment when you don't actually earn anything from it.

I gave 50 clients a £2.50 voucher to be used in January. it looks good for me, and so far one client has used it.

I also did an introduce a friend incentive, and really resented giving someone money off when they had still got a fantastic treatment.

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