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lydia evans

Jul 9, 2014
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Hi all please can I have your advice.

Recently I went to a customers house to do her nails i did them on an offer and everything went well until my nail primer fell over and the lid wasn't completely screwed on I cleaned this straight away told her I will help with costs etc

Well..... She has tried to bleed me dry for this horrible table i have given her three options a) partial refund for table with a reciept seen (as apparently this was brought this year from homebase) b) I have two companies to repair that she is refusing. C) I pay her the second hand price of its worth.

She's tried to con me on this table then with amazing luck I found a post on her facebook when this was brought for £50!!!!!!! She is trying to make me pay £400 I have photo graphic evidence of her table on her Facebook with a post to say only £50!!!! She is absolutely vile I was going to use insurance then saw it had finished a week before and I hadn't re insured straight away what do I do??? Advice much needed
Either find the exact table and replace it or
Probably unprofessional of me but I'd send her the screen shot of when she bought the table and tell her you'll be happy to give her the full price she paid for the table. £50!

People can be so cheeky [emoji35]
I think wether it was a £400 or £40 table she is entitled to the full cost of it back, not a partial refund as its not her fault your insurance had run out...

But... i would want to see proof of what it cost & I would do what Cheeky said & send her a screen shot & suggest that if she hasnt got the recipt, (which she obs hasnt) then the screen shot would do as proof instead.

Get a load of baby changing mats from the pound shop, I carry about 4 with me & smother every surface in them as Im sooo clumsy Xx

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