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Apr 26, 2010
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Hi everyone, i wonder if you could give me some advice. I did a back wax just over a week ago and I saw him yesterday and his back is covered with spots. He said he uses talk as was told this would help. Does anyone know why this is happening, I'm doing everything correctly. Is there anything he can use to get rid of this?

Has your client been waxed before? It is very common for men to break out after waxing so I always tell them to use a tea tree based product to wash with and to make sure they exfoliate.
One of the waxing geeks on here advises asking your male clients to take antihistamines for a few days prior to their appointment to help to avoid breakouts and redness.
I don't know about the talc, I guess someone advised it to help absorb sweat?
Sounds like folliculitis - search it on the forums, there were some useful posts about it in recent months.
Unfortunately it is very common for men to break out after a back or chest wax. It's nothing to do with your technique, but good after care advise is essential.
As already advised above, tea tree products are great for this.
I wax my boyfriends chest and he used to break out badly, but since Jack (Male waxer on here) advised me for him to take anti-histamine tablets a few days prior and after waxing, he hasn't had any break outs since. It really did help.
Some men break out and some don't and it's a blooming nuisance.

Antihistamine's before and after waxing can help

Get them to bring a clean T shirt with them to put on straight after they've been waxed.

Avoid the gym for a day or two as sweating can cause break outs.

Shower with Tea Tree or stuff that the teenagers use for spots.

If it is Folliculitis, they will need antibiotics, but it probably isn't.
I always advise clients to use a tea tree or anti bacterial shower wash, to exfoliate every 2/3 days ( after the skin has settled down) and to use a tea tree moisturiser. For most clients this makes a huge difference...

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