Spray tan and tattoo!


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Divine h & b

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Oct 4, 2011
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Just wondering my sister in law is having a tattoo doing this wed and wants a spray tan done a week on fri am I right in thinking if there's still a scab on the tattoo she can't have it done I'm not tanning her havent done my training yet She's just asked if I know!
She needs to wait until the tattoo is healed or if it's somewhere hidden she could cover it and just put something over it and have the tan but obviously the covered tattoo area will be white. Just depends on where on her body it is if she wants to do it. But I was told it needs to heal. Hope this helps
When I had my tattoo on my wrist I just put bepanthen over the top on the same day as I was having my tan so there was a layer over the top of it. X
Bepanthan would make the area white wouldn't it?
Tattoo is on her neck so she wouldn't want a white patch!

Thanks guys thought she would have to wait!
She'd definitely need to cover it as its an open wound in effect... Bepanthen will leave her with a white patch yes, but if she gets solution in it it could effect the healing and last thing you want somewhere visible is a tattoo that's scarred badly!! She's better off not having a tattoo...
Thanks geeks just need to drum it in to her now!

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